Slept the entire plane ride. Couldn't get to sleep first two nights so took one Jet each night and knocked out.


- Alex, Account Manager

(New York US to Venice IT)

Amazed how well it worked. 

It worked beyond any placebo or sh*t. No lag at all!


- Peder, Architect

(Boston US to Oslo NO)

Magic! Over 28 hours of traveling!


- Chris, Graphic Designer

(FNC to LGW to JFK to BNA)


Slept on the plane home, no jet lag, and following day was bueno. It really worked. I had a complete day and was able to go straight to work.

- James, Senior Data Scientist

(São Paulo BR to New York City US)

Literally no jet lag at all when I got to Norway.

- Rebecca, Registered Dietitian

(New York City US to Oslo NO)

Worked unbelievably well, I am a huge skeptic and really was not expecting to feel so great on 2 hours of sleep crossing the ocean. I gave the 2nd Set to a family member and she thought it was amazing as well.

- Jean Cooper, Unknown

(Canada to EU)

[Jet Set Natural] worked like a dream. My wife and I caught many zzzz's and feel great here in London. Thank you!

- Andrew, Real Estate Developer

(Pacific Palisades US to London UK) 

Now it's my new must-have.

- Dasha, Model

(New York City US to Moscow RU)

Please know that they worked wonders!!! NO jet lag and no signs of a cold or anything!!!

- Camilla, Unknown

(New York City US to Oslo NO)

Made me sleep like a baby on the plane


- Rashed, Student

(New York City US to Muharraq BH)

Amazing supplement for jet-lag relief. I'm always dying after the flight from NYC but these pills really level off my well-being.

- Karina, Model

(New York City US to Moscow RU)


When I'm flying, the fix for my jet lag is Jet Set Natural

- Tony, Chef

(New York City US to Florence IT)

Set is like a natural stimulant. Seriously, similar level of focus but natural and without the side effects.

- Peter, Business Strategist

(New York City US to Shanghai CN)

I really did feel great when I arrived. No jet lag.

- Steve, Marketing

(Dallas US to Abu Dhabi UAE)

Such a long flight and I slept like a baby the entire way!

- Nitesh, Fashion 

(New York City US to Dubai UAE)